Praise for Finding the Light

Praise for Finding the Light

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So many great things about this book! I love the strong female protagonist who steps into her legacy unwillingly at first but throughout the course of the story becoming heroic. Atkins very skillfully sets an intense and suspenseful theme that leaves you guessing about what’s going to happen next. I wish it wouldn’t have ended when it did because I want more NOW! I’m looking forward to more, more, more from this author. If you like YA fiction with heart, brains, and soul, then look no further! – Amazon Reader

Finding the Light by Kelsey Atkins is a YA fantasy that will keep teens and adults alike flipping the pages as their imaginations become fueled by the author’s imagery, character-building and action.
Kiya may seem like a typical teenager, but the dreams that have ruled her slumber for years make her anything but ordinary. On the day her dreams invade the reality surrounding her, she takes a step toward discovering just how extraordinary she is. The light within Kiya reveals great secrets, powers and possibilities as it also draws to her a handsome stranger. She has no idea the adventures and perils that await her once she takes Zac’s hand. They embark together on an epic battle of light vs. darkness. Hold on to your comfy reading chair as the pace quickens and the action ramps up in the first book in the Finding the Light series. – Author and Editor Joy Rancatore

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